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    Presentation of the strengths of the project is the key to success at Tech Nation. A successful case for Product Manager

    Another positive decision was received by a client of Alexandra Mokrova, an immigration specialist at Sterling Law. A client holding a position in product management of one of the largest IT companies in the CIS, contacted us to ensure the quality of his application at the highest level, so that during the submission process the endorsing body would not have any questions. As was correctly noted, in addition to a position in a good company, it is important that other criteria are met and clearly reflect the required application structure and, most importantly, the reasons for a positive decision. 

    Starting with a deep dive into the client’s application, Alexandra highlighted the key strengths that are a kind of hook in almost every application to get approval from Tech Nation. Some weaknesses were identified,  namely a lack of t publicity (media recognition) and a lack of detail in the projects portfolio to reveal innovation. In this case, we relied on significant interaction with the client’s work successes – building on a portfolio, collecting evidence for an application that would demonstrate not only the results but also the innovativeness of projects – very delicate work that is worth the time.

    As a result, approval was received 2 times faster than usual, and in 4 weeks, the satisfied client has already started planning his future in the UK. Together with the client, we applied for a visa and today we warmly greet them in the United Kingdom.


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