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    Success Story: How to Get a Global Talent Visa without Media Recognition?

    In this article, we are excited to share another successful and non-standard case of obtaining a Global Talent Visa for our client.

    A Non-Standard Case:

    A few months ago, a highly qualified specialist working as a CTO in a large digital company in Kazakhstan approached us. He aimed to obtain a Global Talent Visa under the 3-year Exceptional Talent route to settlement. It was also crucial to assist with visas for his family members.

    The client had been working on innovative products with significant social impact for the entire country, personally overseeing all development processes. At first glance, the case seemed straightforward and had a high chance of success. However, during the document collection and review process, it turned out that the client had no media recognition in the Digital Tech sphere.

    Media Recognition: Not Mandatory, but Desirable:

    It’s worth noting that such situations can occur quite frequently, and potential applicants often believe that they have no chance of success without media recognition. Indeed, one of the key criteria for obtaining a Global Talent Visa under the Exceptional Talent pathway is to be a recognised leader in the industry (not only in media). Accordingly, a successful case should contain evidence of such recognition. Demonstrating public speaking engagements, articles in major publications, videos, interviews, and the like can significantly help.

    What to Do if There is No Media Recognition?

    Our answer: media recognition is not a mandatory requirement, although it does significantly strengthen any case. Tech Nation strives to assess an applicant’s contribution to the sector’s development and their achievements in the field, while media recognition is considered just one of the possible types of evidence!

    How We Achieved Success:

    The complexity of our case was not limited to the lack of media recognition. During the document analysis, it was revealed that many documents, including patents and contracts, did not include the applicant’s name. No problem, the Sterling Law skilful team found a way to present the case correctly. We:

    • Demonstrated the innovativeness of the products and showcased the applicant’s direct contribution to their creation.
    • Gathered recommendations from industry leaders, who attested to the applicant’s recognition as an exceptional talent and leader in the sector.

    The Result:

    After the final preparation, the case was submitted for consideration. As expected, we received an endorsement. It’s worth noting that due to the accurate case presentation, the decision was issued within 5 days. We believe that Tech Nation recognised our client’s exceptional talent and therefore granted endorsement under the 3-year permanent residency pathway. After receiving the endorsement, we also assisted the client in obtaining Stage 2 visas for himself and his family.

    Our team is always happy to help you with your Global Talent Visa application as well

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