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    How to Check Your UK Visa Application Status

    Acquiring a visa is an essential step of travelling or relocating to the United Kingdom, so it is natural for people to wonder about the status of their visa applications. The good news is that there are multiple options to receive updates regarding the process, and applicants can choose the most convenient one for them.

    Why is it Important to Check the Status of Your UK Visa Application?

    The first reason to keep track of a UK visa application is simply to ensure the process is going as planned. For some applicants, this reassurance might be important, and the opportunity to check at any time is fairly popular, even where the process is going smoothly.

    The option becomes even more important where something goes wrong with the application. In some cases, it might be vital to discover potential updates to the process quickly. For example, in case the application is denied, the person has a limited time frame to submit any challenge.

    Receiving updates like this is also important for planning the trip to the United Kingdom. For instance, discovering a potential delay early might be useful for rescheduling flights or bookings in the UK.

    What Information Do You Need to Check Your UK Visa Application Status?

    In order to track the status of a UK visa application, the person has to provide some information associated with the application. The necessary details include:

    • personal information;
    • contact information;
    • type of visa;
    • details about the application itself;
    • application reference number
    • Immigration Health Surcharge reference number.

    Personal information and details of the type of visa and application are needed for the Home Office to identify the applicant and application. The details the person is required to provide include their first name, last name, passport number, date of birth, and nationality. Contact information is required for the same reasons and for the authorities to be able to reach out to the applicant if necessary. The required contact information might include the applicant’s email address and phone number.

    The additional details the person might need to provide include the date and place of application, the date of submitting biometrics, as well as the GWF reference number and the application reference number.

    How to Check the Status of Your UK Visa Application Outside the UK

    Some visas can only be obtained from outside the United Kingdom, so it is natural for the Home Office to offer options to check the status of an application from outside of the country. There are four main options available for every applicant:

    • using the VFS Global website;
    • using the TLScontact website;
    • using the UKVI website;
    • reaching out to UKVI by phone.

    Using the VFS Global Website

    The VFS Global website is perhaps the most convenient tool to track the status of a visa application to the UK where the application is made through VFS Global. The process is fairly straightforward and involves completing the following simple steps:

    • Opening the website.
    • Sharing the location of the application centre.
    • Choose the tracking feature.
    • Log in to the website using the required reference number and personal details.
    • View the status of the application.
    • For some locations and application centres, the VFS Global website might not offer its tracking services.

    Using the TLScontact Website

    The TLScontact website is the option to find potential updates to the process of acquiring a UK visa where the application was made through TLSContact. Users should visit the official Home Office UKVI website and login to the visa application first. Then, they will need to find the feature for providing documents and be redirected to the TLScontact site. From there, the process is rather straightforward, as the users will be guided by the built-in tips on the website.

    As for VFS Global applications, the tracking service is not always offered or effective on the TLSContact website.

    Using the UKVI website

    The UKVI website operates in a different way. Users will need to select the General Enquiry feature, which opens up a form that has to be filled. After sharing all the required details and submitting the enquiry, users will have to wait for up to five business days for UKVI to reach out with details regarding the status of the application.

    Contacting UKVI by Telephone

    The same service may be accessed via a telephone call to the UKVI. The applicant will have to share all the required details to the employee on the other side of the line and wait for them to reach out with updates regarding the application.

    How to Track the Status of Your UK Visa Application Inside the UK?

    For some visas, it is possible to apply from within the UK. Some applicants also have an option to receive updates regarding the procedure. For applicants to the EU Settlement Scheme, the main way to track the application is to contact the EU Settlement Scheme Resolution Centre through the UKVI website or via a phone call.

    For applicants that have not applied to the EU Settlement Scheme, there are fewer options to track the application from within the UK. If you have an email address for the department within UKVI that is considering your application, this may be the best option to enquire as to the progress of the application.

    What are the standard processing times for UK visa applications?

    The processing times for a visa application might vary dramatically depending on multiple factors including the type of visa, the number of applications for that type of visa, the location of the applicant, and others. It is possible to discover detailed information for all the main visas in this article.

    How can we help?

    Sterling Law is always willing to provide legal advice and guidance to those who seek it. Our team has rich experience in the immigration niche, as we have already helped hundreds of people obtain a visa to the United Kingdom. Our lawyers treat each case with an individual approach, ensuring you will receive the best advice for your specific situation. Feel free to book an online consultation or visit our office in London to get the help you need.

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