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    Successful endorsement by Tech Nation was granted to a UX/UI designer after initial refusal based on “consultancy type” roles

    Alexandra Mokrova, an immigration specialist of our team managed to get approval from Tech Nation for the UX/UI designer, despite the fact that the application was initially rejected. .

    The problem of the case was that although the mandatory criteria was satisfied, the applicant would not be able to continue the application along the further route of the Global Talent visa. Why? Despite the fact that our client is a leader in his industry, his application did not meet additional criteria. 

    What confused endorsing bodies?

    It was not at all clear what the innovativeness of the Global Talent application contained, since the improvement or improvement of certain projects is not necessarily an innovation that the applicant relied on. The second factor was that the designer worked as a consultant, not as an in-house employee. According to the rules of Tech Nation, they cannot recognise such applications. 

    What have we done? 

    First of all, we prepared and submitted a 9-page review explaining why Tech Nation was wrong in refusing the application. With reference to the relevant Rules, we prepared the review, showing what errors Tech Nation had made in the assessment of the application. We argued that her influence on projects was not less, but even more significant than that of many full-time employees, and that’s how we succeeded. It should be noted that our client’s track record was compiled from projects representing large companies in the Tech-market. Nevertheless, we remind you that the main thing is to contact an expert in time!


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