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    Successful Global Talent for Architect (RIBA)

    Global Talent visa endorsement received by the Art Council for a Russian national specialising in small scale architecture ( Urban Design and Architect)

    Dynamic and highly motivated architect with over 9 years of professional experience in design and architecture  who has brought dozens of projects to successful completion many of which have won notable awards was granted endorsement on 5 August 2022. Our client has mainly worked on the projects for residential and hotel complex.He has also designed exhibition pavilions and reconstructed apartments in a house built in 1959.Many of these projects have entirely transformed the Russian market.We have prepared first class reference letters confirming our client’s ability to execute the project with a high level of detail and create unique exterior and interiors solutions.We have also supported our client’s application by evidence showing he has a huge potential to transform the architecture and design field in the UK and worldwide.

    Although he has just recently graduated from University in London successfully completing his MA in Architecture and Urbanism he has been teaching architectural design at architecture school in Moscow for over 5 years. Having established a professional approach in this field our client has co-founded his own architecture studio in Moscow a year ago which he runs with his wife.

    Although our client was not able to show a substantial track record in many countries and has not established an international presence yet, due to having a great number of publications in trustworthy sources we have managed to prepare his case for Global Talent.It was a true pleasure to represent such a professional in his application for Global talent and get inspiration from his contributions to the arts and design.

    We are extremely proud to announce that we received Exceptional Promise visa approval from the Arts Council/RIBA

    Our lawyer Aleksandra Mokrova

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