FinTech client received TechNation endorsement

Ayat Robyn 04.08.2022

This time the client is from Kazakhstan. He has established his company just after the Covid has started in 2020

His annual income is now $200,000. The client managed to raise $14 mln from FinTech investors. The client has founded multiple start-ups and was sponsored under Tier 2 visa for a start-up in the UK to build the product from 2018 to 2020.Interesting fact about the client is that he has lived in London for over 8 years while attending university and being offered a job. His goal is to settle in the UK with his family and continue to work on various new projects. He plans to eventually launch a series of high-tech applications for development of remote work industry. Ayat Robyn has represented the client, provided all the necessary instructions for the success of the case as well as carefully reviewed whether our client satisfies all the requirements and have sufficient evidence to support his case. 

She then submitted Stage 1 application for endorsement and got a positive result within few weeks of submission.


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