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    Dmitry Zapol

    Tax advisor, consultant

    Sterling Law is one of member firms.

    Dmitry Zapol focuses on international tax matters and related international corporate planning. He advises on cross-border tax-efficient business and investment structures and restructuring, including in relation to real estate; international tax solutions for cross-border intellectual property rights allocation and transfer pricing; and international residence and beneficial ownership issues.


    Chartered Institute of Taxation


    King’s College, London

    LL.M in Tax

    Durham University


    College of Law


    Mr. Zapol possesses an excellent understanding of the United Kingdom, particularly in dealing with international corporate transactions and individual tax planning, often in connection with immigration issues. He also has experience major European tax systems, including those of Austria, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

    Mr. Zapol’s clients include multinational companies, high- net-worth individuals, and entrepreneurs. Mr. Zapol has taught international tax planning at the Law Faculty of Saint- Petersburg State University (SPbGU) and Moscow State Academy of Law named after Kutafin (MGYuA); and is a guest lecturer at MA in Taxation at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London. He has spoken at numerous international conferences.

    Prior to practicing law in the United Kingdom, Mr. Zapol practiced law in Moscow for five years.

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