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    Civil Partner Visa

    The United Kingdom offers a range of visas designed to facilitate family reunification. Among these is the Civil Partner visa, which falls under the Spouse visa route.

    What is a Civil Partner visa?

    UK Civil Partner visa permits people from outside EEA to join their partner who is either a UK citizen or permanent resident in the country. It’s a great opportunity for couples to reunite whether they are married or not. It enables the non-UK partner to live, work, and study in the UK, providing a pathway to permanent residency and eventual citizenship. It’s also worth mentioning, that this document is both visa for gay marriage and straight couples.

    Civil Partner Visa Requirements

    To apply for a Civil Partner visa, applicants must meet several criteria.

    Relationship Criteria

    Applicants must demonstrate that their civil partnership is genuine and subsisting. This involves providing evidence of their relationship history, cohabitation, and ongoing commitment. Key documents include:

    • Civil partnership certificate
    • Photographs together
    • Correspondence between the partners
    • Joint financial commitments, such as bank statements or tenancy agreements

    Financial Criteria

    The UK government requires proof that a couple can support themselves financially without recourse to public funds. The minimum joint income threshold is £29,000, with a higher threshold for applicants with dependent children. Eligible sources of income include: income from work or self-employment, savings, non-employment income such as rent or dividends.

    Accommodation Conditions

    The couple must have housing arrangements, for living in the United Kingdom. The space must adhere to cleanliness standards and shouldn’t be overcrowded. You need to issue a lease agreement, mortgage statements or a letter from the property owner verifying your address.

    English Language Requirements

    Applicants must prove their proficiency in the English language. This can be demonstrated by:

    • Passing an approved English language test at CEFR level A1 or higher
    • Holding a degree taught or researched in English
    • Being a national of a majority English-speaking country

    If you are exempt from the language requirement due to age, disability, or exceptional circumstances, provide relevant documentation to support your claim.

    How to Apply for a Civil Partner Visa?

    Applying for the visa involves several steps:

    1. Before commencing with the application it’s vital to verify that both you and your partner fulfill all UK Civil Partnership visa requirements. Evaluate standing, accommodation arrangements, relationship details and language knowledge to prove eligibility for the visa.
    2. Assemble all the paperwork. This entails providing proof of your relationship, financial standing, place of residence and any additional documentation that will be addressed further in the article.
    3. Send an online application. Start by registering on the UK government visa application portal. Provide honest information about yourself, your partner and your relationship in the form.
    4. Pay the application fee and IHS. The sum varies based on whether you’re applying from the United Kingdom or outside the country. The application fee is £1,846 (if you are outside the UK) or £1,048 (if you are within the UK). As part of your application, you will need to pay the IHS, which gives you access to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. The cost depends on how long your visa is valid for.
    5. Once you have sent your application, arrange a visit to a visa application center if you are outside the UK or to a UKVCAS center if applying from within. During this visit, you must provide fingerprints, a photo and a signature.
    6. Sometimes you may need to go for an interview to confirm the genuineness of your connection and the details you’ve shared in your application.

    Once you’ve completed all the previous steps, all you need to do is just wait. The processing times are different for each case. Typically, If you applied from outside the UK, you can expect a decision in 24 weeks. If your application is from within the United Kingdom, the decision usually comes in around 8 weeks. You can speed up your decision by using the priority service.

    Civil Partner Visa Documents Checklists

    A comprehensive and well-organised document checklist is crucial for a successful visa application. Key documents include:

    • Valid passport or travel document
    • Civil partnership certificate
    • Evidence of genuine and subsisting relationship (photos, correspondence, joint finances)
    • Financial documents (payslips, bank statements, tax returns)
    • Proof of adequate accommodation (tenancy agreement, property ownership documents)
    • English language proficiency evidence (test results, degree certificates)
    • Biometric information (fingerprints, photograph)
    • A tuberculosis (TB) test certificate from an approved clinic if you are from a country where TB testing is required

    How Long Does a Civil Partner Visa Last?

    If you apply for a UK Civil Partnership visa from outside the UK, it usually lasts for a period of 33 months. This allows you to enter and live in the UK with your partner. When you submit an application from within the UK (when transitioning from a visa type or prolonging your visa, for example) the visa is typically approved for a duration of 30 months.

    When your initial visa term is approaching its end you have the option to request an extension for 30 more months on your Civil Partner visa.

    After spending five years in the UK on a Civil Partner visa, holders may be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), which is a step towards British citizenship.

    How Can We Help?

    Here at Sterling Law, we recognize that understanding all the nuances of the UK immigration system can pose challenges and stress. Our skilled and experienced attorneys will take this weight off your shoulders. They are dedicated to assisting you in obtaining a Civil Partner visa, and below is how the whole process goes.

    We begin with a consultation to evaluate your situation and decide on the best approach to get a visa for civil partnership in the UK. We assist you with compiling and arranging all documents needed for your application. Accurate completion of the application form is vital for a positive outcome. Our professionals help you during this process making sure that you fill out the form correctly and include all details. If something goes wrong, we’ll assist you with the appeal.

    Our support doesn’t stop once you’ve received your visa. We offer help with visa extensions and teer you through the process of applying for ILR when you qualify. When the time is right, we can also assist you with the citizenship application ensuring all criteria are met and a robust application is submitted. Sterling Law always has you covered.

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