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    Skilled Worker (Tier 2) Dependant Visa

    For those who migrate to the United Kingdom to work, wanting to have their families around them is natural. To accompany them, the family members will need to obtain a Skilled Worker (formerly Tier 2) Dependant visa in the UK. There are many details that need to be discovered before applying for the document. Applicants will need to learn which documents to prepare and the rights and obligations associated with such a visa, as well as the restrictions for holders of the document.

    What is a Skilled Worker Dependant visa?

    A UK Skilled Worker Dependant visa is the document that allows family members of the main Skilled Worker visa holder to move to the United Kingdom with them and reside there legally. The family members who apply for such a visa are called dependants.

    In general, partners and children can be considered dependants. There are some criteria that have to be met in order for the Home Office to approve them. This visa is used to enable families to be together while a Skilled Worker migrant is working in the UK.

    Skilled Worker dependant partners

    The first group of dependants are partners. The Home Office policies regarding partners are rather straightforward.  There are two categories: married couples or civil partners, and unmarried couples. For the first option, it is required that the relationship is recognized legally in the United Kingdom. As for unmarried partners, only those who have been living together for at least two years in a relationship can submit a Skilled Worker Dependant Visa application.

    For all partners who wish to become dependants, it will be necessary to prove the relationship is real. Thus, married applicants or those in civil partnerships will need to provide the corresponding certificates and evidence that the relationship is genuine. Unmarried couples will need to prepare evidence of the relationship being genuine and lasting for at least two years.

    Skilled Worker dependant children

    Children can apply for a Skilled Worker Dependant visa too. They have to apply for this visa even in case they were born in the United Kingdom, as residency is not granted automatically. For children older than sixteen years, there are some criteria to meet:

    • it will be necessary for them to live with the main Skilled Worker visa holder;
    • they must not be leading an independent life;
    • approval is only possible if the child will remain under the financial support of the main visa holder.

    Children aged eighteen or older can only apply if they are already in the United Kingdom and are already dependants of their parents.

    Children are capable of applying in three cases:

    • it can be done at the same time as their parents are applying for their documents;
    • the child can apply to join their parents, who are already residing in the United Kingdom;
    • It is possible where in one of the parents is already in the UK, and the other is obtaining the dependant visa at the same time as t the child.

    Requirements for a Skilled Worker Dependant visa

    There are not so many general Skilled Worker Dependant visa requirements to meet, but it is important to meet all the criteria. Some of them have been mentioned in the previous section, but the full list requires the applicant to:

    • be in an eligible relationship with the main visa holder;
    • plan to live together with the main visa holder;
    • be able to prove adequate care and  accommodation is available in the country  (in the case of a child);
    • be able to prove they have enough funds to support themselves;
    • meet various requirements relating to good character and immigration history;
    • provide all the corresponding documents with their application;
    • pay the fees associated with the visa.

    Financial Requirements for a Skilled Worker Dependant visa

    The financial requirements associated with the visa essentially require that the applicants must be able to support themselves throughout their stay in the United Kingdom. They will have to provide statements from banks and other documents. This is necessary to prove their ability to pay for accommodation and all the other costs associated with living in another country. The minimum financial requirements are as follows:

    • for a partner – £285
    • for one child – £315
    • for each additional child – £200

    Last but not least, it will be necessary to pay the Skilled Worker Dependent visa fee.

    How to apply for a Skilled Worker Dependant visa?

    The applications for this document can be done either from within and from outside the United Kingdom. In both cases, it is necessary to complete the application online on the official website of the Home Office. In case the dependants are outside the United Kingdom, there are no additional complications.

    For applicants who are already in the country, it is possible to switch to this visa from a different permission document they already have. In this case, it is important to keep in mind that the holders of several visas are not eligible to switch to this document. The list includes Visitor  visas, Short-Term Study visas, and several others.

    Documents required for a Skilled Worker Dependant visa application

    As with all other visas, the application process involves providing the Home Office with a range of documents. In this case, the Skilled Worker Dependant Visa documents checklist includes:

    • passport or another corresponding document;
    • evidence proving the relationship with the main holder is genuine;
    • statements from banks proving the financial capabilities;
    • documents associated with children.

    How much does the Skilled Worker Dependant visa cost?

    The fees associated with the document may vary depending on several circumstances. The first of them is the place of application. Applications from within the United Kingdom cost £719 per person, while the ones submitted from outside of the country will cost £625. In case the intended period of stay is longer than three years, the fees become £1,423 and £1,235 for applications from within and outside the United Kingdom respectively.

    The other fees include the healthcare surcharge of £624 per year of the visa for adults and £470 per year of the visa for children. This fee is paid in advance for the entire period of stay. Additionally, it will be necessary to pay for the biometric data collection procedure, which is around £19 for every person. The appointments for biometric data collection can also be charged at variable fees.

    How long does it take to process a Skilled Worker Dependant visa?

    The UK Skilled Worker (Tier 2) Dependant visa processing times also vary. Applications from within the United Kingdom are typically reviewed within eight weeks. Those who submit their documents from overseas will have to wait for up to three weeks. There is an option to receive a decision faster for an additional fee. There is a priority and a super-priority service available to receive decisions within five days and one day respectively.

    What restrictions are there on the Skilled Worker dependant visa?

    The main restrictions associated with the document are related to accessing public funds. The holders cannot receive any public funds or benefits.

    The Skilled Worker Dependant visa work eligibility in the UK is a popular question.  Dependant visa holders can work in the UK, although there are several Skilled Worker  Dependant Visa work restrictions. To understand if Skilled Worker dependants can work in the UK, it is better to clarify this regarding for the specific field of work in question. Skilled Worker dependents also can study in the UK.

    Does a Skilled Worker dependant visa lead to ILR?

    Obtaining  ILR for dependants of Skilled Worker visa holders is possible. To do so, dependent partners will have to stay in the country for five years and dependent children will usually need to have both parents applying for ILR at the same time. Of course, they will also be required to meet all the other various criteria associated with obtaining the ILR.

    How can we help?

    Bringing family members to the United Kingdom might be challenging, as the process requires preparation of the documents carefully and accurately. The professional lawyers of Sterling Law are always ready to provide assistance. Our lawyers have rich experience with Skilled Worker dependant visas and will help with any stage of the procedure. Visit our office in London or book an online consultation to maximize the chances of getting the application approved.

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