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    Non-Disclosure agreement with reference letters for Global Talent


    Many of our clients come to us with the question: they struggle to use the data/figures/statistics in their reference letters, as it is against the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    Recently our client who instructed us on a Global Talent visa application provided us with a reference letter drafted by himself on behalf of the well-recognised fashion designer based in the USA.
    The client sent it to the New York art professional for signature and got accused of breach of the non-disclosure agreement.

    Our immigration lawyer, representing the client on his Global Talent application, has researched the NDA (non-disclosure) agreement and ran a meeting with a New-York lawyer representing the referee.

    We have convinced the referee that the client will use our legal assistance, and the letter will be re-drafted following the regulated procedures.
    The New-York referee signed the reference letter after the US lawyer (representing the referee) reviewed it.

    If you are preparing the application or looking to start it soon and are stuck with a similar problem, our Sterling law team of Global Talent lawyers will be glad to help you with an easy and smooth resolution.


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